A Chosen Bullet: Workbook Edition

A Broken Man’s Triumph Through Faith and Sports

A Chosen Bullet is the journey that took author Bill Renje from despair and self-destruction to the gold medal stand in two Paralympics, an award-winning business career as well as a successful marriage and family.   This book is a must read for anybody interested in sports, self-help in overcoming daunting odds such as disability and substance abuse, spiritual growth, as well as a successful model for business, marriage and family.

A Chosen Bullet: A broken man’s triumph through faith and sports is the life story of one of the biggest Chicago Bears’ fans ever. The impact of faith and sports on Bill’s life will inspire and motivate you to believe in the power and grace of God. In 1985, the Bears captivated the nation by dominating on the field with focus and determination like no other team in NFL history. 25 years later I learned that our team also inspired one of our greatest fans to win and triumph in the biggest game of all – THE GAME OF LIFE. A triumph in which he has showcased in a must read: A Chosen Bullet will awaken the consciousness within your soul to God’s unconditional love and grace.” Tyrone Keys – Super Bowl XX Champion & Founder of All Sports Community Service