Car Paint Care Techniques

Purchasing a car contains a long decision making process involving a range of influencing variables. The most important among them is color. That’s the reason it is good to understand the suitable car paint care methods that can add years to the life and luster of your vehicle’s paint.


In a Car paint shop (which is also known asห้องพ่นสีรถยนต์in Thai language), you will get all car care techniques at one place. Among the most obvious measures is of course washing. Washing removes loose contaminants such as dust, dirt and road movie that’s sitting on top of your cars finish.


This procedure is required to avoid water smudges (irritating mineral residue that imprint the outline of a drop of water in your car’s paint).


Cleaning makes reference to eliminating flaws like oxidation, swirls, stains, overspray, and all overseas surface fragments from outside surfaces for achieving crystal clear reflections and durable protection. A clay bar will help to wash contamination dirt from the clear coat which can’t be cleared away through regular washing. If the vehicle is in great conditions and free of flaws, cleaning step isn’t necessary.


Polishing your car’s paint repairs the damage caused by sunlight, foreign objects, contamination and drying or washing with bad excellent wash towels and gloves. Polishing can be achieved using mechanical beams with a system and particular polishing pads which clear away a nice layer of clearcoat from an automobile to eliminate superior scratches and swirls from a paint coating. Aside of this Car coloring (which is also known asห้องอบสีรถยนต์in Thai language),  is also very important to prevent the car with any kinds of damages.


Protecting involves the use of a protective substance (in liquid or paste form) which defends against foreign matter from adhering to the surface of the car, such as water, bug splatter, soil, and tar.