24 hottie Mary Lynn Rajskub to guest star on Modern Family

Yeah its right, Mary Lynn Rajskub will appear on Emmy-winning sitcom Modern Family as a guest star. Are you missing the sensuous babe? Just download 24 from here and catch her. It seems the screen siren is busy making guest appearances these days!

Only recently, Rajskub appeared on shows like ‘Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ and ‘Royal Pains’. And now she’s landed in another guest role. Anyway, in ‘Modern Family’, the actress will be seen as the ex-girl-friend of Cameron Tucker (Eric Stonestreet).

You know what; I am a big fan of this 39-year-old actress and still catch 24 episodes online to enjoy her performance as Chloe O’Brian. It’s very interesting to know that besides having a reputation as a stand-up comedian, she did a commendable job in the shoes of CTU Systems analyst.

I guess 24 TV show had its own magic, as who-so-ever got attached to it, attained popularity overnight. I know most of you are thinking about the revival of the show on TV. I think at certain point of time, Fox Networks might think of doing so, after all it’s the matter of TV’s most sought-after action hero Kiefer Sutherland.

Coming back to Rajskub, it could be said that the star desperately needs some major roles. No doubt, performing guest roles is acknowledgeable, but this way she won’t be able to establish her career as a reputed TV actress.

Her performance in 24 definitely caught the attention of the fans. But she needs to grab more promising opportunities in order to hold her popularity up. However, if you wish to recall some of the happenings moments involving her character, then watch 24 online on this website.

Before concluding, I would like to wish her all the luck for the cameo in ‘Modern Family’. I must also say that she should take the role seriously. Who knows her performance might move the show runner to take a futuristic decision in her favor!

I think appearing as guest star is not a bad deal, until you get a big break. But too much of such approaches might make one a guest-star specialist!

So buddies, until the next update about the action-packed show or any of its cast, you can watch 24 online season 4.

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