3 Reasons Why You Should Teach Your Preschooler to Read

Did you realize that your baby could go from not talking at all to speaking fluently and in complete sentences in only a couple years’ time? The cause of this is that infants are linguistic geniuses. That means they're programmed to learn language through the first years of life. If you want to know more about preschool, then visit at http://www.lemanmanhattan.org/academics/early-childhood-program.

3 Reasons Why You Should Teach Your Preschooler to Read

Preschoolers have the ability to learn language easily.

If you're bilingual you can talk to your child in numerous languages and your preschooler will have the ability to speak both languages effortlessly and without error. However, what if you are unable to speak more than one language? How do you benefit your child in this important period of development?

Preschoolers think learning how to read is fun.

Have you ever noticed your preschooler has an unbelievable desire to learn new things? Infants are born with a zest to learn as much as they could during their first years of life. This excitement over learning is an integral component in successfully teaching your preschooler to read. This need to learn is just one of the number one reasons that preschoolers can learn how to read easily and fast.

Teaching your preschooler to read will foster a love of learning in your child.

When parents and caregivers set out to educate their preschooler to read, they're investing in their child's future. Reading to your child is among the most helpful actions you can do with your child. Reading to your preschooler will help in the development of their language and their grasp of the written word. 

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