A Chosen Bullet: Workbook Edition

A Chosen Bullet: Workbook for Teens and Young Adults

Bill was a teen on the fast track to destruction until the day he crossed paths with a policeman’s bullet. That blast blew him off his chosen track and onto a new one–an incredible one designed by God! God’s chosen track led Bill to gold-medal wins as a rugby player, followed by marriage, fatherhood, and a successful career!

A Chosen Bullet for Teens guides you along Bill’s path from tragedy to triumph. With discussion questions and biblical wisdom, he challenges you to consider your own choices.

Follow Bill’s surprising journey for just six weeks and discover what could happen when you:

  • Aim at the wrong target
  • Choose a different mark
  • Hit the bull’s-eye
  • Shoot for the stars
  • Aim for God’s best for your life


About the Book

A Chosen Bullet is the story of what Bill’s passion as a Chicago sports fan has taught him in life and the struggles this passion helped him to overcome from the day a 9mm bullet ripped through his neck from five feet away. Bill’s life has been contrasted by deep darkness and then glorious light, characterized by overcoming through perseverance, stained by first underachieving and then finally experiencing success that few will ever know. With the support of family and eventually a deep-abiding Christian faith providing his foundation, these values and lessons intertwined with Bill’s thirty-three year journey as a Chicago fan to take him from tragedy to triumph. All the while, his lifelong experiences of rooting for the teams of his youth and studying his hometown heroes has helped mold and shape Bill to become the person he is today: from a bottomed-out permanently paralyzed teenager to a two-time Paralympic gold medalist, a very happily married man, a blessed father of three children, and a successful businessman.

Through Bill’s Christian walk, his love of sports and his own athletic accomplishments, he’s learned all about: being accountable, overcoming adversity through hard work and struggle, seizing the moment, as well as the pitfalls of resting on your laurels, underachieving, and unfilled potential. A Chosen Bullet is a story about lessons learned from tough life experiences as well as teachable moments as told from Bill’s life perspective about the men and teams he’s watched, studied, and emulated throughout his life and the influence they’ve had on him.

“The world of Chicago sports has always been built on the principles of heart, toughness, grit and determination. Drawing from the lessons taught by Windy City giants like Ditka, Payton and Jordan, Bill Renje tells us how he blazed his own trail of remarkable perseverance on his way to writing an admirable story of personal redemption and triumph.” Kevin Kaduk – editor for Yahoo! Sports Big League Stew and author of Wrigleyworld