Importance Of Nitrile Gloves Color

Nitrile rubber is a synthetic product that’s resistant to many chemicals.  It functions within a broad temperature range and can be used as surgical gloves or in the aeronautical industry to generate oil and gas hoses.  Even though it’s not quite as flexible as natural rubber, it has many other benefits.

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Nitrile gloves are favored by physicians and healthcare workers because they are 3 times more resistant to punctures.  They protect both the patient and physician from the spread of blood-borne disease and may also be utilized when handling highly toxic chemicals like chemotherapy drugs.

But they do more than just protect the nurse or physician. Conventional latex gloves are brightly colored, but nitrile models are often colored to make it simple to distinguish them.  Blue is typically used for patient examinations; the color makes it simple to determine if blood or other bodily fluids have come into contact with the glove.

Other colors are also available, some specific to particular brands. Medical professionals find it simple, because of this, to determine latex-free gloves and use them in situations where the maximum level of protection is necessary.

Green, blue and purple nitrile gloves are all useful in a medical environment, but there are lots of non-medical situations where it’s essential to protect the skin.  There’s a substantial demand for black types that are frequently used by beauty therapists, tattoo artists, and hair stylists.

Hydrogen peroxide and hair colorant can irritate the skin very badly, particularly when it’s exposed many times a day.