Infrared Spectroscopy

Infrared has enriched science, like the field of spectroscopy. Infrared spectroscopy technology is used in medical and pharmaceutical drug fields. In addition, it has a hand in agro biochemistry and biology,

Infrared Spectroscopy Defined

Infrared is wavelength part of the light or heat spectrum. This kind of spectrum has three parts far, mid, and in close proximity to. Near-infrared frequency is useful in plenty of medical fields, especially for lab work. Infrared spectroscopy, specifically, is for identifying chemicals by how they absorb infrared wavelengths.

Molecules of substances transform radiation into heat by using a spectrometer. A spectrometer records the utilized wavelengths to help with identification of substances.

There is an AvaSpec-Mini which is a small spectrometer with a resolution.

The light sources in these kinds of spectrometers are tungsten halogen bulbs.

These bulbs give off the visual light and close to infrared wavelength frequencies. Amoureux bulbs can even be alternatives as a light-weight source. Another source gaining interest are LED light sources.

The goal of a spectrometer is to spread light into a spectrum. The light spreads into a range of the dispersive factor. This instrument can be made of interference filter systems, diffraction gratings, or quartz prisms. They rotate to change the particular dispersed light depending on the substance being tested.