Know More About Child Speech Defects

Speech delays in children can be among the biggest problem. Up to a certain age,  pronunciation lapses can turn out to be funny and cute but this is a problem when too much pronounced by kids.  age becomes an issue of concern.

Early speech development is useful to the development of effective communication with children and is quite necessary for his achievement at school.

Right Speech Development

If you are not sure of the right speech development a kid should have, you can request for speech delay testing in pre-schools in which you send your toddlers to. Likewise, you can be guided by some general guidelines when it comes to identifying normal speech development. It can help to recognize the landmarks you should see taking place depending on the time of a child.



A two-year old  kid should be able to associate certain words with objects in their surroundings. So the very first words you should be hearing are mother, dad, bed, car, ball and many easy to pronounce toy names.

They should also be able to put two words together, usually a noun and a verb like daddy go or mommy sleep. You need to be able to know what your child is saying more than half of the time, even if toddlers have the tendency to change letters at this age. For more additional info about  testimonial checkout


A two year-old’s vocabulary generally consists of about 150 to 200 simple words. They should also have the ability to respond to basic commands such as pointing to certain parts of the face.

At age three, children learn to using plurals and past tenses and can identify more body parts aside from the face. They ought to be able to say three word sentences and increase their vocabulary to about a thousand words.