Moving to LA: Important Things to Remember

Moving to a new place can give you an ambivalent feeling. You feel excited and sad at the same time. It sure is fun living in a new place and LA is a promising place when it comes to career and business opportunities. But Tokyo to LA transfers can also mean leaving old friends and familiar places behind and taking the risk of living in a new home.

Here are some important things to remember when you are about to transfer:

1. Make sure you do not leave important documents behind.

This can be your children's school, health, and civil records. It can also be your family photos or other legal documents.

2. Label all boxes for transit.

Since you will be packing everything in boxes, make sure that you put a label outside these packages. This will help you ease the unpacking process. Each box must contain similar materials. For instance, all bedroom accessories must be in one box, kitchen utensils in another box and so on.

3. Have one box with you where you put everything you need during your travel.

You can't dig through the boxes during transit since you will hire someone to transport them for you. Hence, have one box with you where you place all you need during the travel. These include a pair of clothes for your family, food or hand towels.

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