Our Impact On The Environment

Does Mother Nature Have To Flip A Coin?

human-caused carbon pollution to pipelineMother Nature is in trouble! Well, maybe not in serious trouble. But because of the potential human-caused carbon pollution to pipeline that would carry up to 830,000 barrels of oil each day that could supply nearly five percent of the valuable oil demand the U. S. requires, from Canada through the United States, one can easily see her quandary. The strange thing about this proposed pipeline is that the case for the future Keystone XI is whether people are for or against this project. Ergo, the question before the house of common sense still remains pro or con as this flashpoint battle is underway between climate campaigners and the fossil folks.

Human-caused carbon pollution to pipeline? Approval Or Denial? 

The U.S Congress and Trans Canada, who own this $5.4 billon dollar extravaganza are really not the ones who want to put the kibosh on the pipeline. It's the climate activists who tossed their hat in the ring way back when this Canada to America pipeline was first presented. These activists joined with Mother Nature in shouting that this proposed pipeline would carry some of the most dirtiest as well as some of the environmentally and destructive crude. The end result being nearly two million additional metric tons of carbon dioxide each year. Which is more that all the vehicles driven in California, Oregon, Washington, Florida, New York and Michigan – Yikes! So what's your stance? Keystone XI (ground zero) or good old Mother Nature. Is she still flipping a coin?

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