Paintings which showcase a passion for the Indian lifestyle

Although a lot of people would argue that Indian lifestyle consists of Metropolitan and bustling cities, it is quintessentially the village life that has been able to attract people from all classes. They understand that it is not only the best way for people to lead a life, but it is also one of the good things that can contribute towards the very basis of the Indian household. More and more people have been able to understand that there is a certain ethos to the Indian culture and people seem to think about it in a much better light when it comes in the form of paintings.

The Indian painting scenario has not been as good as the European counterparts, but it has been able to make steady progress in this area. With painters like Thota Vaikuntam trying to showcase the romanticism of the Indian villages and the daily lifestyle of the village folks, you get to realize that this is a painter at par with some of the best painters across the globe. His paintings has been able to bring about a certain sense of understanding in the general Indian populace about how village life is and how they would be able to enjoy it.

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