Pest Control Goes Beyond Just Bugs

The picture that pops into your head is a man in a white coverall carrying a spoonful of spray when you think about hiring an exterminator.

But pest management goes far beyond bugs. There are other creatures out there which may invade yard or your house, and eliminating them can call for expert help. Even your regional Department of Wildlife would handle some of the animals that you may think times aren't, and you may be referred by them to someone who manages that. To explore more about pest control, please visit

Pest Control Goes Beyond Just Bugs

A fantastic example of that situation is currently coping with raccoons. They appear to me to be a big enough creature for the DOW to manage, but if a family of these moved in my chimney, they deferred to an exterminator who came out and trapped them and installed a grate in my chimney top to keep them out from there.

Based on where you live, the management regulations may vary. Can the wildlife. In Colorado, alligators on your swimming pool are much of an issue, but you may want to know who to call if you find one there, if you reside in Florida. If you live in New York, you don't have bears getting into your garbage or mountain lions but you may have a bunch of coyotes if you reside in Los Angeles.

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