Pure essential oil for massage

Here is a few essentials oils ideal for a  massage you can integrate into your sessions to elevate your customers’ massage or bodywork experience.  Besides elevating your customers’ overall experience, it is also possible to improve the quality of your massage or bodywork practice.

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One — Sandalwood is native to Southeast Asian nations.  Among its other critical properties, Sandalwood is a stimulant, a tonic and a memory booster.  For massage, the first two are quite beneficial.  As a stimulant, Sandalwood is quite a powerful sedative for anxiety, anxiety, and restlessness because it induces calmness and positive ideas.  I like the next house because I like to believe it’ll help my client retain how good our session was.  What it does is keep the mind cool and relaxed, saving it from undue strain and/or anxiety.

 Two — Bergamot, produced from a citrus fruit named Bergamot orange, is native to Italy.  It’s sweet-smelling, known most for its use in Earl Grey tea.  It has a number of favourable properties, but for the purpose of massage, the most important is that it calms the nervous system and relieves stress and tension.  An additional bonus is that it will give the skin a healthy glow.

 Three — Clary Sage is produced in the United States, France and Bulgaria.  It must be among my top 3 oils of all time.  It has a fantastic aroma that’s quite earthy and herbaceous.  Additionally, it has an almost narcotic, and even euphoric effect that is very good for stress relief — for both therapist and client!  Additionally, it’s an antidepressant, helping to elevate self-esteem, confidence, hope and so much more.  After massaging a client with Clary Sage, you might see an entirely new person emerge from the table who’s full of confidence, immense joy and high spirits.