Questions to Ask When Converting Your Blog to a Print Book

Many a time’s bloggers from Australia get the idea of converting their blogs into actual published books. However, what they don’t do prior to getting into the process is to think through. Here is a list of questions which every blogger needs to ask their own self, before turning their blog into a book.


  • What is the first step which I need to take?

The first step for your blog book needs to be to involve your online audience in the process. Talk to your audience about the potential book. Ask them how they feel about seeing your work in print.

  • Does the approached angle fit my blog theme?

It isn’t unusual to find several themes in one blog. For the blog to translate into a book the blogger needs to pick an angle which will work best with most of the blog posts.

  • ow How How much time and energy is required?

Since most blogs are informal, converting them to a books format takes some time. It won’t be easy and quick as it requires a lot of changing to fit the arrangement of a book.

  • since,Is your blog significant now?

This is an important question as it often happens that the blogs are usually discussing a current issue or a situation. Therefore, you need to ask yourself whether or not the blogs are relevant considering the current situation.

For your blog turned book to work, you need to plan out the entire thing in advance and head out to the right book printing in Australia. this i

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