Why Road Reflectors Are Used For Safety Of People

Road reflectors are used to control traffic and promote safe driving. Street reflectors are made from plastic or ceramic. Street reflectors are used for a broad range purposed and are especially important to create the streets visible to motorists at night.

The use depends upon the color and the colors have different meanings in different states. You can learn more about road safety apparatus that may prevent road accidents onĀ http://www.settraffic.com/portfolio/.

road reflectors

For example the color meaning for road reflectors in North America which yellowish or amber is used to indicate the double lane at the middle of streets with two-way direction traffic while at the same time used to indicate the left edge on one-way roads.

White marks the perfect edge of the road or basic lane branches while blue marks fire hydrants and red are used for restrictive markings such as “don’t enter” sign. Layout uniformity is of vital significance in decreasing perplexity and misunderstanding regarding the emblem of the road indicators represents. An effort to standardize such street markers are already in process globally.

Road reflectors are often available in colors yellow, white, red, blue, green, and black. It’s three reflector choices: a one-sided reflector, a two-sided reflector or no reflector installed in any respect.

Its setup method can be carried out with self-adhesive butyl pads, epoxy kits, and bituminous or thermoplastic adhesives. It’s made of extra strength ceramic and plastic of 4″, 6″ and 8″ sizes of different shapes such as rectangle, square, oval or circle.