Toxins in Non-Organic food

It is true that organic food is grown through a certain process that makes it far better for one’s health than regularly grown food – or at least that is what people believe. A lot of the people who have made the shift to organic food Brisbane do not even know how it impacts their health. Here is how and why organic food has certain impacts on your health.


Free From Toxins

Since it is free from all forms of toxins there is a possibility that organic food can help you prevent cancer. This is perhaps the most important benefit organic food can offer. It is said that when your body is exposed to these toxins, here is what happens:

  1. Cancer causing agents increase in the body making it prone to catching the fatal disease easily.
  2. The heavy metals that are often a part of the toxins sprayed on inorganic food lead to various issues such as sclerosis and lowering IQ.
  3. They can also badly influence the hemoglobin level of the blood and this automatically results in people becoming anemic.
  4. This in turn has a bigger impact on the body, it reduces its immunity overall.

This is the reason why people have started eating organic food. The way normally fruits and vegetables are grown results in genetic mutations. This makes it a lot easier for the body to develop cancer cells. Now that you are aware of the many benefits of organic food and the several drawbacks of inorganic food, you can make the shift fully informed.

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Guidelines for Mindfulness Meditation for Beginners

There are many meditation classes that overlook the very basics of how to go about meditation. In order to make meditation effective immediately there are some steps that need to be kept in mind.


  • Your Own Space

 Every individual has their own idea of comfort. While practicing mindful meditation pick a time when you are energetic, find a place that is silent and isolated. Detach yourself from the routinely activities and choose to be some place that gives you a peaceful vibe.

  • Posture

You should sit either on the floor or a chair without arm rests. Your feet should be flat on the floor, keep your back straight and your arms should be resting either on your thighs or you can cup them in your lap. The whole point of a perfect position is to stay attentive. Avoid lying down because it won’t help you in any way.

  • Remain Focused

The best way to go about the entire process is by maintaining your focus on your breathing. To be able to do that successfully you can keep a count on your breathing. You can count till 5 and then begin again from 1. You can close your eyes while you’re at it and focus completely on your breaths that go in by your nose into your lungs and exhale softly.

To make it affective the best way is to make it a part of your routine. Exercise the same thing up to half an hour daily.

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