A Chosen Bullet: Workbook Edition
  • Hustling Through Manhattan

    “Wisdom calls aloud in the street, she raises her voice in the public squares; at the head of the noisy streets she cries out, in the gateways of the city she makes her speech”, Proverbs 1:20-21

    My wife and I vacationed in New York, staying in midtown Manhattan, in July of 2004.  I was 33-years-old and, growing up outside of Chicago, I thought I knew what big city life was all about.  But I soon realized there’s a reason they call New York ‘The Big Apple’.  New York is like a typical American city, but on a massive dose of steroids!  While definitely a place worth visiting, I would have no desire to ever live there.

    Walking the streets of Midtown, really at any time of the day, borderlined between intense and psychotic.  You had to hustle everywhere you went, least you get run over by another pedestrian completely unaware of anything or anyone outside of the two inch self-protective bubble of invisible insulation to protect them from the mayhem around them.  It occurred to me that you could literally mug somebody, run five feet ahead weaving between the crowds and literally disappear while your victim lay helplessly and unseen by anyone off to the side.  For anybody that knows my wife, you know that she’s a Starbucks fanatic. While we found Starbucks on every corner, most didn’t come with seats to sit down, socialize and enjoy your coffee because nobody sat still long enough to do so.

    All of which brings us to the verse in Proverbs and how we – in our disjointed, hectic schedules combined with all distractions of mass media, social media, fill in the blank, you name it – create our own little self-protective bubbles that keep us from hearing the true Wisdom that we read about in Proverbs.  In Midtown, it’s basically impossible to hear anyone calling “aloud in the street”.  In our own lives, we often fail as well to hear wisdom, despite it “(crying) out” all around us.  This is a crucial point in mentoring and leading the youth culture around us that’s become largely disillusioned with all the noise around them.

    So the inevitable questions arise:  What have we constructed in our own lives and what distractions keep us from hearing and attaining wisdom?  What kind of model are we to our youth in properly filtering out noise and distractions that prevent us from hearing wisdom?  Take some time today, and everyday, to be still, to listen and learn the wisdom that God is waiting to instill in us.

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