Why is it that people understand paintings as a form of education?

It has been said that people paint not merely because they would want to express themselves, but also as a true reflection of the society that is going to live with them for a long time, and a lot more after they are dead. Paintings put forward a certain image of the society, of the civil culture that they have brought up with. So, if you are one of those people interested in Indian paintings, then you definitely got to check out the Indian painters like Thota Vaikuntam.

Thota Vaikuntam has been at the forefront of providing good quality paintings to the Indian diaspora, helping them understand the versatility of the Indian culture and ensuring that everything goes according to the needs and demands of the current issue. Thota Vaikuntam paintings basically reflect the stark charcoal paintings that find its way onto paper, as well as pencil drawings and caricatures of the modern day society. This is the reason why although paintings may seem to be an aristocratic activity, it has been brought down to the level that it can be enjoyed by middle-class people, while at the same time they would also be able to appreciate the finest essence that the painter has to bring to canvass.

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