Why You should Create A Blog For Your Business

Hello, my name is Cheryl and I run a training company called Appetite For Business. When I was only about 15 when I first decided to create a blog. I did it for the reason most teenagers it: as a way to show off for  my friends and keep in touch even when school was out or I had to do homework. Creating a blog was pretty easy for me because I used some pretty easy tools. I got my start on MySpace, which is about the easiest way to do it. Everything is already set up for you. All you have to do is enter information, link to whatever music or pictures you want to put up, and you're there. 

Unlike with most of my friends, however, it wasn't enough for me to simply create a blog. I wanted to go further once I had the basics down. It was pretty exciting to be able to put my own writing up on the Internet so that anyone who wanted to could see it. I thought that if I could think of a good topic to blog about, I could really get some readership.

Although I originally decided to create a blog to stay in touch with people, I give up that part almost immediately. Instead, I decided to focus on writing fiction. I wrote dozens of stories back then, and it was nice to be able to share them with people whenever I have the chance to. At first, of course, it was only my friends and family reading the stories. Pretty soon, however, other people got into it. I won't say I had anything like a worldwide following, But pretty soon I was getting dozens of visits a month. As a kid that age, it was nice to be able to really feel like I was something. I knew that I had talent, and I felt like my decision to create a blog was really giving me the audience that talent required.

It may seem strange, but I did not decide to create a professional blog until I was well Into my career. Although I worked as a writer, I felt I was getting enough gigs pretty easily without putting up a website. I actually didn't create a blog until the economy started to turn sour. I was having a hard time really getting enough gigs and I figured that putting up a professional website would help remedy that situation. It turns out that I was right. It took awhile, but pretty soon the job started to trickle in again. Sharing my thoughts as a writer, showing samples of the work that I had done, and just putting myself out there really did help me make a few connections I wouldn't have had otherwise.

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