A Chosen Bullet: Workbook Edition
  • Will It Matter In Fifty Years?

    “…What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.”  James 4:14

    It’s amazing the prospective I gained once I hit 40-years-old last summer. Really for the first time, I realized just how short life is.  When you’re 30 years old, looking back 25 years seems like long, long ago.  But at 40, that same time period really doesn’t seem like that long ago.

    When I turned 40, my mind really started playing games with me.  I started looking at my past, while reminiscing about sporting events I vividly remember, movies I saw in the theater from 20, 25, even 30 years ago.  Memories that are vivid and don’t seem like that old.  I then projected forward, thinking to myself, “30 years from now I’ll be 70-years-old!”

    All of which begs the question, what does it all matter and how should we be living our lives?  The answer for me, is constantly asking myself what will matter in 50 years when I’ve likely passed on from this earth?  What I’ve found is an incredible proper perspective in approaching the challenges of life this way.   Will a financial crisis or a pay cut that negatively impacts my retirement portfolio matter in 50
    years?  No, so let’s move on. Will petty disagreements or differences in opinions with my spouse or those around me
    matter in 50 years?  No, so let’s move on.  I think you get the picture – don’t sweat the small stuff and when you look at life through God’s eyes, it’s all small stuff.

    So ultimately, what will matter in 50 years?  I think that answer is two-fold:  the legacy you leave behind for the next generation.  We’ve all been impacted by the influence from teachers, parents, relatives neighbors – some of whom who are no longer here – and the influence their predecessors had on them.  And that legacy is lasting!  The second part of that answer is your right relationship with God and your eternal security because in 50 years, whether you’re on your way out or already gone from this life, that will matter most!

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