World War II Memorials To Visit In Sandakan


Sandakan has really rich culture and history. Visit to the WW2 memorials in Sandakan Tours remind us about how the British and Australian soldiers suffered in the hands of Japanese at that time. Famous Word War 2 memorials are located at the Sandakan Memorial Park in Sabah, which is located 11 km outside of Sandakan, which once served as a place for the camps of war prisoners.

1. WW2 pavilion inside the park:

This pavilion exhibits war items and memorial and is a permanent part of the Sandakan Memorial Park.  These items include photographs of the martyrs and some equipment used in the war.

2. The memorial Obelisk:

The memorial which lies inside the park, commemorates the death of all those who died in death marches at the spot and in Ranau. The structure marks their hardships and honors the martyrs of war.

3. Machinery at the memorial:

The excavator served the Japanese when they started digging to make an airport for them. It also stands inside the memorial park. There is also a steam engine and generator which were a great source of power for the camp, and still stands at the park today.

4. Sandakan Massacre memorial:

It consists of 3 monuments commemorating 30 Chinese victims who were massacred on 27th May 1945, during the Japanese occupation. The memorials stand near Sandakan Chinese Cemetery in their memory.

Sandakan is not just a place to visit for its beautiful beaches, mouthwatering food and enthralling scenic views. It also attracts tourists with a taste for remarkable historical events and serves them with so many memories of World War II.

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